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Where To Stay

Because of the Royal Highland Show, we strongly recommend you book your accommodation as soon as possible. There are tons of options in and around Edinburgh's city centre, so you can make the most of your visit and see the attractions.

We've listed many different options below and if you enter your name when clicking "Book online", others will be able to see where you're staying too. A great feature to help some of you stay in the same place... or not!

We also suggest having a look at some of the following websites for affordable options:-

Short-term rentals in Edinburgh flats (ideal for families or groups): - highly recommended (enquiries to

Good hotel deals and last minute deals:

Highly reviewed hostels:

If you find a great deal on your own, please let us know and we can post the details online. Plus, if you're looking for information on something else, like campsites or cottages, let us know and we may be able to help.

Book online below, or find another option nearby. Our site allows you to see where others are staying, providing that they have booked via the site too.

Wedding Ceremony Venue
Kirknewton House Stables
Kirknewton Estate
EH27 8DA

Wedding Reception Venue
Kirknewton House Stables

EH27 8DA

A. Agenda Hotel
92-98 St Johns Road, Corstorphine,Edinburgh,EH12 8AT
Prices From : £ 60

B. Dalmore Lodge Guest House
14 Downie Terrace,Corstorphine,EH12 7AU
Prices From : £ 60

C. Edinburgh Featherhall Garden Court Apartments
9 Featherhall Avenue,Corstorphine,EH12 7TG
Prices From : £ 80

D. Heriot-Watt University
Riccarton,Gogar,EH14 4AS
Prices From : £ 35

E. Marriott Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club
Kirknewton,Kirknewton,EH27 8EB
Prices From : £ 135

F. Marriott Edinburgh
111 Glasgow Road,Juniper Green,EH12 8NF
Prices From : £ 110

G. Norton House Hotel & Spa
Ingliston,Newbridge,EH28 8LX
Prices From : £ 99

H. Apex European Hotel
90 Haymarket Terrace,Edinburgh,EH12 5LQ
Prices From : £ 67

I. Best Western Braid Hills Hotel
134 Braid Road,Edinburgh,EH10 6JD
Prices From : £ 50

J. Best Western Edinburgh Capital Hotel
187 Clermiston Rd,Edinburgh,EH12 6UG
Prices From : £ 66

K. Corstorphine House Hotel
188 St. Johns Rd,Edinburgh,EH12 8SG
Prices From : £ 79

L. Corstorphine Lodge Hotel
186 St John's Rd, Corstorphine,Edinburgh,EH12 8SG
Prices From : £ 49

M. Cumberland Hotel
1 West Coates, Haymarket,Edinburgh,EH12 5JQ
Prices From : £ 59

N. Dunstane City hotel
5 Hampton Terrace,Edinburgh,EH12 5JD
Prices From : £ 99

O. Haymarket Hotel
1-3 Coates Gardens,Edinburgh,EH12 5LG
Prices From : £ 50

P. Holiday Inn Edinburgh
132 Corstorphine Road, Costorphine,Edinburgh,EH12 6UA
Prices From : £ 64

Q. Holiday Inn Edinburgh North
107 Queensferry Rd.,Edinburgh,EH4 3HL
Prices From : £ 69

R. Kaimes Guest House
12 Granville Terrace,Edinburgh,EH10 4PQ
Prices From : £ 35

S. Kew House and Apartments
1 Kew Terrace,Edinburgh,EH12 5JE
Prices From : £ 84

T. Piries Hotel
4/8 Coates Gardens,Edinburgh,EH12 5lb
Prices From : £ 45

U. The Lairg Hotel
11 Coates Gardens,Edinburgh,EH12 ELG
Prices From : £ 50