Friday 25th June 2010 - Married for 3011 days

Quiz time!

Answer the following questions and help us make some key choices for the wedding as well as supply some dirt and gossip to the Bestman and Bridesmaids. If you're lucky, you may even get a special mention!

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Question 1 - What's your favourite memory of James?

Full list of responses:
Richard Bowen : When he met 'the family' - looked so vulnerable!
Rachel Bowen : Serving up goose and gammon for xmas one year
Jon Robin : Meeting James for the first time at the back of the Park Bar, playing pool, with a half empty Guinness and 2 empties next to that, giving me shit about being a fag-stealing,work-dodging student lay-about. Lucky that I could play a bit of
Barnypok : aKHr3
JimmiXzSq : 2lVvD

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Question 2 - Name one word to describe Ros

Full list of responses:
Richard Bowen : Bowen
Rachel Bowen : kooky ; )
Jon Robin : Kind
Kay Davidson : Vivacious

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Question 3 - Name one word to describe James

Full list of responses:
Richard Bowen : Superheroic
Rachel Bowen : slowest-present-unwrapper-ever!
Jon Robin : Mate
ANON : The Village Drunk

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Question 4 - What's your favourite song to party to?

Full list of responses:
Anything with a BPM above indie music
Laura Gibbons : Any Aretha Franklin!
Richard Bowen : The Passenger; Iggy Pop
Rachel Bowen : Whitney Houston - How will I Know
Stu : S Club 7, Reach for the stars
Kay Davidson : I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

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Question 5 - What random, non-swearing word would you like to see featured in the vows or speeches?

Full list of responses:
Laura Gibbons : Hullabaloo
Richard Bowen :
Richard Bowen : Artichokes
Rachel Bowen : plonker
Jon Robin : Fatboy
Stu : rolling pin
Kay Davidson : Serendipity

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Question 6 - What song should we end the night on?

Full list of responses:
The End by The Doors
Laura Gibbons : The one you got engaged to!
Richard Bowen : La Vie en Rose; Grace Jones
Rachel Bowen : Boston - More than a Feeling
Fen : S Club 7, Reach for the stars :-))
Kay Davidson : Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

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Question 7 - What's your most unknown fact about yourself?

Full list of responses:
I have autographed photos of all the A-team
Laura Gibbons : I was the Womans Scottish Pool Champion until I broke my arm!
Richard Bowen : I used to drive quarry trucks for a living
Fen : We have a BIG secret

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Question 8 - What's your favorite memory of Ros?

Full list of responses:
Richard Bowen : Fighting camles to retrieve a tennis ball
Rachel Bowen : When she made me sit on a drawing pin....
Jon Robin : Letting me sleep in her lap when i was tired/smashed in the pub. Cosy!

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